How Do You Grow Purple Algae?


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Growing purple coralline algae is a simple process once you have set up the proper conditions inside a tank and properly set the algae on a growing surface. Depending on how much you want to grow, the process can take weeks or months. However, once the conditions are properly set, all that is needed is proper maintenance of the tank water. Purple coralline algae is a favorite because of its unusual color and how it covers space that might be co-opted by nuisance algae.

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  1. Place the algae inside the tank

    Coralline reproduces by sexual and asexual means, so you can grow it by placing it on a rock and letting it spread to nearby rocks. You can also cut or scrape it from the first rock and place it on surfaces where you want it to grow. Coralline takes the nutrients it needs from the water, and under proper conditions, it can grow on any hard surface in the aquarium.

  2. Maintain the parameters

    Coralline is an algae, but it tends to grow poorly in very high-nutrient water. It is not known if this is because of the nutrients themselves or because of other organisms that thrive under such conditions and attack it. For best results, keep the parameters of the water within normal reef aquarium range.

  3. Keep aquarium bright

    Coralline purple algae tends to thrive under bright lights, but if it begins losing its color or turning white, place it in a shadier area.

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