How to Grow a Potato in Water for a Science Project?

A potato can be grown for a science experiment by putting the end of a sprouted potato into a glass of water and waiting for it to grow. It takes a few weeks for a potato to completely sprout in this way.

Students who wish to do this project will need a potato that is beginning to sprout out of at least one end, a glass of water large enough for a potato to fit in and four toothpicks to hold the potato.

Once the glass is filled with water and the potato is picked out, the student should take four toothpicks and put them around the center of the potato; this will help hold the potato in the glass without letting it fall completely in. The potato should be placed into the glass with the sprouting side completely submerged into the water.

The potato will only begin to sprout if it is placed into the sun. Find a sunny windowsill to place the plant and leave it there for a few weeks. After a few weeks, the potato will begin to sprout, and a new potato will emerge from the sprout. It is a good idea to leave the plant in the water until leaves begin to grow.

Once leaves have grown on the plant, the plant needs to be transported to soil if the student wants it to continue to grow. The soil should be placed in a sunny area, and it should be kept moist at all times.