How Do You Grow Faster?


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Human growth hormone is used to stimulate growth in children who are deficient in their rate of growth or those of short stature. Pediatric studies reveal that males treated with human growth hormone reached a height 9.2 centimeters taller than untreated males, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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When discussing human growth hormone, it is worthy to note that it is considered a banned steroid in sports, and it has been implicated in several doping scandals, according to NCBI. Its approved uses are for muscle wasting, chronic kidney insufficiency, Turner syndrome, pituitary tumors, short-bowel syndrome and neonatal insufficiencies. Only muscle wasting, pituitary tumors and short bowel are the only approved uses for adults, reports WebMD.

Human growth hormone has been marketed to adults as an anti-aging medication, a remedy for being of short stature and a cure for baldness. None of these are approved uses in the medical community. These types of claims are made because the human body naturally decreases production of human growth hormone as it ages, and some companies claim that this product brings back a youthful appearance. Possible side effects include joint pain and swelling, edema or swelling due to fluid retention in the body, carpal tunnel syndrome, and high cholesterol, according to WebMD.

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