How Do You Grow Crystals?

How Do You Grow Crystals?

How Do You Grow Crystals?

The process of growing crystals can take several weeks, depending on the saturation of the solution that is used in the initial phases of the process. To follow these methods, you need water, a solute like salt or sugar, rocks, a coffee filter and a stove.

  1. Create a solution

    Select a solute that can be used to create a saturated solution. Common choices for a solute for a crystal-growing project include salt or sugar, because they are safe and easy to obtain. A more saturated solution results in better chances of crystal growth. Add your solute to your water after boiling the water on the stove, and mix the solution thoroughly.

  2. Pour out your solution

    Dump the contents of your saturated solution out over the rocks that you have prepared. This results in a clumping of different crystals, known as a crystal garden. Cover the rocks and the solution with a coffee filter.

  3. Give the solution enough time to dry

    Wait for the solution you have poured out to dry. The crystals form on their own. This process can take several days or even weeks. The crystals form more quickly if the solution that was created in Step 1 was more heavily saturated with the solute.