How Do You Grow a Bean Plant for a Science Experiment?

Grow a bean plant for a science experiment by placing a dried bean in a small, transparent container with a moist paper towel or cotton ball and then placing the entire container in a warm, sunny location. If the bean seed is viable, a small bean plant will sprout and grow a stem and leaves within a few weeks.

Increase the chances of growing a healthy bean plant by using good-quality bean seeds purchased from a garden center or another business that sells plants and seeds. Dried lima, runner and other types of beans sold as food can also grow into healthy bean plants but with a lower success rate than beans sold specifically for planting.

Beans, like all seeds, contain a small amount of nutrients that allow a new bean plant to start growing. After the young bean plant sprouts, grows a stem and a few leaves, however, all the nutrients stored in the bean are used up. Keep your bean plant healthy and allow it to grow even larger by transplanting the small seedling into a container with good-quality potting soil. During spring and summer, placing the container outside gives the plant access to more sunlight, allowing it to grow larger and eventually start producing new bean pods.