What Are Groups of Animals Called?

Names for groups of animals include pods of whales, exaltations of larks, knots of toads, packs of dogs, parliaments of owls and sloths of bears. In addition, cattle, horses and deer are all grouped into herds.

Other group names for animals include clans of hyenas, prides of lions and peacocks, tribes of monkeys, cries of hounds, litters of puppies and kittens, corps of giraffes, mobs of kangaroos, trips of goats, sounders of pigs, shrewdnesses of apes, flocks of sheep, clowders or clusters of cats and colonies of bats. Names for groups of birds include a murder of crows, a brood of hens, a rafter of turkeys and a volerie of birds. Fish come in schools, and ants come in colonies.