What Is Group 6 in the Periodic Table of Elements Called?

group-6-periodic-table-elements-called Credit: Peathegee Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

Group 6 does not have a unique name; it belongs to a larger family known as the transition metals. The transition metals include Groups 3 through 12 on the periodic table. Group 6 contains the elements chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and seaborgium.

The metal elements in this group are largely nonreactive with high melting points. When in higher oxidation states, they can form volatile compounds. Unlike the others in this group, seaborgium is radioactive and can only be produced artificially. It was first produced in 1974 at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. Seaborgium was named after the scientist Glenn Seaborg. It is used only in scientific research, as only a few atoms can be produced at a time.