What Are Some Ground Zero Storm Shelters?


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Ground Zero Storm Shelters offers underground garage units, safe room units and outdoor concrete shelters. The shelters are designed to protect occupants against wind, hail, rain, lightning, air pressure changes and flying debris. All Ground Zero Storm Shelters come with lifetime warranties.

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Underground garage shelters offer protection beneath the garage and allow owners to park vehicles above them. They feature two-piece lids that can be unlocked from the inside, an emergency exit, a removable stairway and handrail, and an automatic door-locking mechanism. A raised edge prevents water from leaking into the shelter, and Ground Zero includes a 2-ton hand winch for emergency exits. They come in two sizes, and installation takes three to four hours with diamond blade wet saws.

Safe room units are above-ground structures made with 1/4-inch plated steel and bolts that can withstand wind shears up to 10,000 miles per hour. The door has five locks, including a dead bolt and two air vents that double as an emergency way to unlock the drove from the outside. The shelters are customizable from 3 to 10 square feet and anchor to concrete. They are GPS discoverable, and owners can install them during new construction or into existing garages or patios.

Outdoor concrete shelters have features similar to the safe room shelters but are available in 4-by-6-feet options that are customizable up to 10 by 10 feet. These units generally sit outside a garage under a covered patio. Like the safe room shelters, installation takes about two hours.

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