Where Is the Groin Area?

Andrew Toskin/CC-BY-2.0

The location of the groin area is at the crease lines where the legs meet the abdomen. The pubic area is between the groin area. There are many types of groin problems that a person can develop, such as groin strain or pain.

A groin strain involves a partial or complete tear in the adductor muscles, according to Mount Sinai Hospital. These muscles begin in the groin area and continue down the inner thighs. Some causes of a groin strain are overuse or receiving a blow to the adductor muscles. It is a common type of sports injury, and treatment is dependent on its severity.

The causes of groin pain are varied, including kidney stones, injuries and urinary tract infections. Similarly, groin pain in women and men can have different causes. For example, a man may experience groin pain due to prostatitis while a woman may have pain in this area because of an ovarian cyst.