What Do Green Tree Frogs Eat?

Green tree frogs eat insects such as ants, beetles, crickets, flies and moths. They also eat other small invertebrates, such as worms.

Green tree frogs are the most common type of frog in the United States, according to Untamed Science. Their Latin name is hyla cinerea. Generally spotted in the south of the country, the natural habitat of green tree frogs is typically around bodies of water or damp areas, including swamps, ponds and lakes. Green tree frogs are frequently kept as pets and can survive up to 6 years in captivity.

Green tree frogs in the tadpole stage are generally herbivores, as stated by the National Wildlife Federation. However, in the adult state, they feed on a range of insects and other small invertebrates. Their diet includes ants, beetles, crickets, flies, moths and worms.

In the wild, green tree frogs are part of the diet of other animals, such as birds, reptiles and carnivorous mammals. While the frogs are usually bright green, they can change their color according to their environment, temperature and mood. This allows the amphibians to camouflage themselves for protection against predators and other dangers. The frogs also escape being eaten by other creatures by hiding in trees.