What Are Some Green Living Tips?


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To live a green lifestyle, reduce consumption and exchange traditional products for ecofriendly alternatives that are made using sustainable methods. Ecofriendly options, such as organic food and BPA-free plastics, are readily available in most regions of the United States.

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Green living requires making many small changes around the home, such as opting for a tankless hot water heater, installing Energy Star-rated appliances and recycling whenever possible. Reusable products are widely available, allowing anyone to reduce waste significantly. For instance, switching to a reusable glass water bottle and using a water filtration system is an alternative to plastic bottles of water. Other changes that reduce the impact on the environment can include opting for cleansers made with plant-based ingredients and using reusable shopping bags.

Organic and sustainable food sources can reduce a person's carbon footprint substantially. Sustainable food is grown using farming methods that require few or no additional resources, and sustainable production typically involves little waste. Fair Trade products are often created using sustainable methods.

Check labels for words such as "sustainable," "organic" and "Fair Trade" to find the brands that are best for the environment. Typically, the products are verified by a third party or endorsed by a recognized organization. For example, the USDA Organic label means the product is certified by the USDA to contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients. When shopping, purchase plastics only when necessary, and opt for as little packaging as possible.

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