What Are Green Businesses Doing to Reduce Their Electric Usage?


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Green businesses work to reduce their electricity consumption in various ways, including using Energy Star-qualified office equipment and turning off or unplugging idle or unused electronic equipment. Another simple way businesses can cut down on electricity usage is by monitoring energy consumption and activating the power management features on all computers and laptops. Many green businesses are also turning towards generating their own electricity through solar, wind and other green power generation in an effort to reduce their environmental impact.

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Adobe Systems Incorporated, which Newsweek magazine ranked as the third greenest company in the United States for 2015, has sought to reduce its electricity consumption by monitoring the energy usage of more than 30,000 data points at its headquarters in Sacramento, California. The company has also invested heavily in wind turbines and other green energy sources. Adobe was the first Fortune 500 company to install an energy-intelligence system that not only allows it to store the green energy the company produces, but also to draw on reserve power to lower its environmental impact during any periods of peak energy usage. Due to the company's efforts, it has reduced its total electricity usage by more than 50 percent since 2002.

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