How Does a Great White Shark Protect Itself?

great-white-shark-protect-itself Credit: Lwp Kommunikáció/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Great white sharks have many tools with which to protect themselves, such as powerful jaws, unique scales and efficient eyes. The shark has, in fact, evolved to be both a fierce predator and a defensible fortress.

One way that great white sharks protect themselves is with their powerful jaws. These jaws are not only strong, but they're also attached to the skull in such a way that the shark can take enormous bites and then retract its jaw to slice through flesh in self-defense or attack.

According to PBS, another self-protective feature is the great white shark's scales, or dermal denticles. The small, tightly overlapping scales give the shark a hard, protective layer of armor that can withstand much. Even the coloration of the scales is protective; the scales on the belly are white, while the scales on the back are gray. This allows the shark to blend into its watery surroundings from above and below, providing efficient camouflage for both protection and hunting.

Great white sharks also have unique eyes. In the event of attack, the shark can roll its eyes back in its head in order to protect them. The shark's fins give it the power and maneuverability to both protect itself and hunt down food.