What Are Some Grassland Locations?


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Some grassland locations include the veldt of South Africa; the prairies of Mexico, Canada and the midwest United States; and the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay. Grasslands can be found, under various names, on every continent except Antarctica.

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Grasslands are habitats where grass is the dominant plant life, with large trees and brush being rare but not impossible. They are generally flat and contain large grazing animals. African grasslands contain some of the largest land animals on Earth, including creatures such as elephants and rhinoceros. American grasslands contain elk and bison.

Pampas often have very fertile soil, and in the Americas, large portions of the native grasslands have been converted to agricultural use. For example, the Great Plains of the United States have largely been used for farming and urban settlement, with only 1 to 2 percent of the original habitat remaining.

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