What Is a Grassland Food Web?


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A grassland food web is an interconnected ecological system where the primary trophic level is comprised of grasses growing in flat, open areas. Grasses, also known as producers, create their own food through photosynthesis. The next trophic level consists of consumers, such as grazing animals and carnivores.

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What Is a Grassland Food Web?
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Some examples of primary consumers include insects, rodents and ruminants. Secondary consumers, carnivores like hawks and wolves, eat the primary consumers.

The third trophic level includes detrivores and decomposers, which are organisms that consume and break down the remains of dead plants and animals.

Grasslands are open spaces where mostly grasses grow because the annual rainfall is not enough to support trees. Depending on the climate and geography, they are known as prairies, savannas, steppes

and pampas. Grasslands can be tropical or temperate.

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