Where Is Graphite Grease Used?

Graphite grease is used to lubricate industrial and automotive machinery, according to Superior Industries, Inc. It is known for being able to withstand intense pressures and temperatures, which is why graphite lubricant is used in marine-based machines as well.

The main goal of graphite-based lubricant is to reduce friction in the internal mechanics of machines. Synthetic graphite also lasts longer than non-synthetic varieties, reducing the number of re-applications. There are also different types of graphite greases. Imperator says that it makes various graphite greases to prevent friction and reduce corrosion in various machines.

For instance, Derby Monkey Garage offers a form of graphite lubricant that forms a dry film that sticks to axles and wheels to reduce friction in racing cars. This form of graphite liquid is known as graphite dry lubricant because of its ability to form film that protects the internal components of cars and machines. BlasterCorp.com offers dry graphite lube that will stick not only to metal, but to rubber, wood and plastic as well. Dry-based graphite lubricant is a solution for simple tasks like fixing non-functional door-locks. According to The Family Handyman, dry-graphite lube can help keys fit seamlessly into the mechanism, while not attracting dirt to the internals as oil would.