What Is Granite Used For?


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Granite is one of the strongest, most durable and attractive stones, making it versatile and favorable for various architectural and artistic applications. Granite stone is used in monuments, paving, bridges, buildings and several other exterior projects. In interior projects, polished granite tiles and slabs are used for stair treads, tile floors and countertops.

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Granite is a prestigious material, whose composition allows it to be shaped into various forms; this makes it the most ideal material for creating impressions of quality and elegance. One of the most popular uses of granite is as kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are widely preferred because they are easy to clean, strong, sanitary, heat resistant and water resistant.

Another popular use for granite is making sculptures, gravestones and memorials. Granite can be curved by hand or using computer-controlled rotary bits and sandblasting over rubber stencils. Granite is also commonly used in architectural trims, backsplashes, bathroom basins or sinks, desktops, table tops, fireplace mantles or to create granite medallions.

Despite the fact that granite has an inert composition, low deterioration rate, low water absorption, and is harder compared to sandstone, limestone and marble, it is still susceptible to damage. After very long periods of time, granite may start blistering, chipping, cracking, flaking and eroding.

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