What are some good ways for kids to learn about Uranus?


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Some good ways for kids to learn about Uranus are by reading the fun facts on PlanetsforKids.com and the high-interest material on KidsAstronomy.com. NASA.gov has an interactive web page where kids can click on Uranus images to learn more about them via both text and audio.

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To consolidate the learning, TeacherVision.com offers a worksheet of games and puzzles that lets students demonstrate their knowledge. EasyScienceforKids.com has a word finding game that involves filling in blanks in sentences about Uranus, then finding those words in a word search grid. Teachers can set up a trivia game based on facts about Uranus. In a simulation, students might use their knowledge to design a space exploration trip to the planet.

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    How large is Uranus?

    A: Uranus has a radius of 15,759.2 miles, which is almost four times that of Earth, and it has a circumference of 99,018.1 miles. It has a volume of about 16.... Full Answer >
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    Is Uranus hot or cold?

    A: Uranus has a hot surface. The surface temperature of Uranus is estimated to be around 4,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The surface of this planet also has strong ... Full Answer >
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    How cold is Uranus?

    A: As of 2014, Uranus has an atmospheric temperature minimum of -224 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest planet in the solar system. The planet's upper atm... Full Answer >
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    Who is Uranus named after?

    A: The planet Uranus is named after the god Ouranos, or Uranus, from ancient Greek mythology. Uranus is the only planet in the solar system to be named after ... Full Answer >
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