What Is a Good Way to Get Rid of Lactic Acid That Has Built up in Muscles?

good-way-rid-lactic-acid-built-up-muscles Credit: fredfroese/E+/Getty Images

Eliza Martinez for AZCentral notes there are many ways to get rid of lactic acid that has built up in the muscles, including slowing an exercise session down before stopping it completely. This helps muscles remove the lactic acid and can allow a person to quickly treat something like leg pain from running by transitioning to walking or lightly jogging.

Another way of removing lactic acid from muscles is to immediately stretch muscles after working out. In conjunction with lightly massaging affected areas, stretching muscles helps to alleviate pain and remove lactic acid. One of the simplest ways of removing lactic acid is to regularly take deep, slow breaths. Pain caused by lactic acid buildup is intensified by a lack of oxygen, so replenishing oxygen helps to provide needed oxygen while removing unwanted lactic acid.

Another simple trick to removing lactic acid is to stay hydrated after the workout and during the workout. Liquid offers relief from the burning pain of exercise and simultaneously reduces lactic acid buildup. For extra hydration, add foods with a large amount of water in them to any meals ingested after a workout. Regular interval exercise can help to remove lactic acid as long as the exercise routine incorporates opportunities for the body to recover through slower exercises.