What Is a Good Way to Locate a Pontiac Color Chart?


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The best way to locate a Pontiac color chart is to locate the service parts identification sticker, which contains the paint codes for the car. It is important to find the proper paint color to prevent discoloration of your vehicle.

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Not all models and years have the sticker in the same location, so it is best to look up your specific year and model to make sure you are getting the correct paint color match. The most common locations for the sticker are on the inner hood panel surface, near the driver's side windshield wiper arm, or on the driver's side front inner fender skirt. However, the sticker can also be located in the trunk of the car, near the headlight, in the spare tire well, or in the glove box. Pontiac does not always place the stickers in the same location based on model and year.

Most of these stickers are white in color but some of the more modern labels are silver. Each color tone number starts with a different set of letters. In most trucks and cars, the first two letters are BC/CC followed by the letter U. These letters stand for base coat/clear coat and U stands for upper or body color. The letters are followed by a series of four numbers corresponding to the correct paint color.

In two-tone vehicles, the codes are slightly different. The sticker will show a "U" followed by a series of four numbers indicating the upper paint color needed, and an "L" followed by a series of four numbers indicating the lower paint color needed.

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