What Are Some Good Sources of Information About Water Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay?


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Good sources of information about water pollution in the Chesapeake Bay include the Chesapeake Bay Program and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The Environmental Protection Agency provides detailed data about current and historical pollutant levels in the Chesapeake Bay, as well as other related information, on its website at EPA.gov.

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The Chesapeake Bay Program has led the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay since 1983, directing a regional partnership composed of local governments and environmental groups. Its website provides detailed information on issues related to water pollution in the bay with sections such as Chemical Contaminants, Oysters, Wetlands, and Rivers and Streams. Other topics include how water pollution in the Bay is related to local agriculture, forests and stormwater and wastewater runoff.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation was founded in 1964 by individuals who lived and worked in the area to help restore the Bay with efforts such as litigation, advocacy, education and restoration. It covers key issues with sections such as Chemical Contamination, Dead Zones, Fisheries, Polluted Runoff, and Sewage and Septic Systems, which discuss how these issues relate to water pollution in the Bay. The website features an annual State of the Bay report that tracks the current levels of pollution in and around the Bay.

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