What Are Some Good Sources for Animal Information?


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There are many websites that provide information on animals, such as National Geographic, San Diego Zoo Animals and Kids Biology. Although these sites have extensive information on all types of different animals, there are many other online resources, including zoos, wildlife conservation organizations, or educational sites that also provide animal facts.

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At the National Geographic site, there is a vast listing of animals that include amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles prehistoric, insects, fish and invertebrates. Each of these different categories contain a listing of animals in alphabetical order. For easy access to a specific animal, visitors to this site can use the quick find search function. National Geographic also has animal information for kids.

The San Diego Zoo Animals site is an online source that has videos, facts, live cams, pictures and articles on animal types found at the zoo. The lists of animals at this zoo include mammals, arthropods, birds and reptiles. There are also a sections on the different habitats and regions of the world that these animals live in. For example, by clicking on the section for the region of Africa, a page appears with animals found in this continent, such as the African penguin.

The Kids Biology website contains an animal database. To find a particular animal, children can click on a general animal type on the left side of the page, such as bat. This shows a listing of the different kinds of bats that are in the database, such as vampire, fruit and fisherman bats. By selecting a particular bat, children can view information on the animal.

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