What Are Some Good Resources That Convert Standard Clocks to Military Time?


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Good resources that convert 12-hour standard clocks to 24-hour military time include CalculateHours.com, OnlineClock.net and EasySurf.cc. In addition to providing calculators that convert standard and military time, CalculateHours.com and OnlineClock.net also provide explanations of military time and give instructions so that users can convert to military time themselves.

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Military time is based on a 24-hour day. This 24-hour system starts at 0000, which represents 12:00 a.m. It continues up to 2359, which represents 11:59 p.m., then resets to 0000. Military time is written without colons.

The way military time is spoken also differs from standard time. For example, 10:00 p.m., or 2200, is typically spoken as "twenty-two hundred hours," and 03:00 a.m, or 0300, is spoken "oh three hundred hours."

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