What Are Some Good Reasons to Recycle?


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Reasons to recycle include reduced energy consumption, job creation, reduced pollution, economic growth and the conservation of natural resources. Reduced use of natural resources also results in greater preservation of wildlife habitats.

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Recycling uses significantly less energy than creating materials from scratch. For example, recycling tin cans to make new cans uses between 74 and 95 percent less energy than mining new tin to manufacture cans. Every glass bottle recycled saves enough energy to run a 100 watt light bulb for four hours.

Nationwide, more than a million employees work in jobs tied to the reuse and recycling industries, including neighborhood bin pick up drivers and workers at sorting plants.

Reduced pollution occurs due to less mining and timber activity, especially pollution heavy activities such as metal smelting. Reduced pollutants include carbon emissions, which in turn helps combat climate change. A reduction in timber harvests due to paper recycling also helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere because of the role of forests in removing carbon from the atmosphere. Recycling also reduces the amount of necessary landfill space.

Recycling helps economic growth beyond the creation of jobs in the recycling industry by providing quicker access to raw materials for companies in many industries.

Especially for non-renewable resources such as metals, recycling ensures the longevity of resources for future generations.

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