What Are Some Good Plant Cell Projects for Kids?

Crayola.com's giant-size cell model and Crystal-Clear-Science-Fair-Projects.com's plant cell science project are some good plant cell projects for kids. Crystal Clear Science Fair Projects' experiment involves the use of a microscope and may be more appropriate for older children.

Before constructing Crayola's giant-size cell model, parents and teachers should allow children to view a diagram of a plant cell. To build the cell replica, use Crayola Model Magic to sculpt the outside shape of a cell. Using different colors of Model Magic, sculpt smaller shapes to represent the parts of the cell, such as the nucleus, ribosomes and mitochondria.

Once the model is finished, add a coating of glue to represent the cell's cytoplasm. Let the model dry, and affix it to sheet of poster paper. Use construction paper arrows to label the parts.

The plant cell science project on the Crystal Clear Science Fair Projects website allows children to discover how different concentrations of salt affect a plant's cells. Place a thin piece of onion tissue on a microscope slide. Add a drop of distilled water and a drop of specimen stain. Add a 5 percent solution of salt to the onion slide, and view it under 100x magnification. Repeat this with different slices of onion and different concentrations of salt. Children should record what they see in the microscope with each experiment.