What Is a Good Method for Teaching the Water Cycle?


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One method for teaching the water cycle is to describe and label a water cycle poster. A hands-on method is to create a model of the water cycle. Other options include using songs or having the children write a story of a water droplet's journey.

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Creating a model of the water cycle allows students to see it happen close-up. The Water Project suggests placing a bowl outside and adding water until it is one-quarter full. Place an empty mug in the center of the bowl. Place plastic wrap over the bowl, and secure it with a rubber band or string. A mist forms as the bowl environment warms, and the mist turns into water droplets. Some droplets should fall into the mug.

Another model is to use an aquarium or plastic box and add clay to form a mountain on one side. Fill the box base one-quarter full, and place the lid on. Place a Petri dish with crushed ice on the lid over the clay mountain. Place a lamp over the water. Have students write a hypothesis about what they expect to happen.

Create a song or find a song describing the water cycle for children. The students can act out the song. For older students, have them write a story about the journey a water droplet might take. Allow students to use their imagination to describe what a droplet might see, feel and experience.

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