What Are Good Ideas for Environmental Science Fair Projects?


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According to Science Buddies, good ideas for environmental science fair projects are "The Big Dig" and "Air Particles and Air Quality." "The Big Dig" measures whether materials that are dumped into landfills are biodegradable. "Air Particles and Air Quality" determines the quality of air pollution in different city locations.

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What Are Good Ideas for Environmental Science Fair Projects?
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"The Big Dig" requires a shovel, Popsicle sticks and a permanent marker. This project tests items such as different diaper brands or plates made from different materials. Five items should be buried in a trench with labeled Popsicle sticks marking each item. While the items remain buried for at least six weeks, a scale that describes how each item degrades should be created along with a graph with all of the data.

The materials used in "Air Particles and Air Quality" are Vaseline, string, a permanent marker, a milk carton, a hole punch and a digital camera. The milk carton should be cut into 12 pieces with holes punched in them. These pieces should be covered in Vaseline and hung in various locations with three pieces at each location. After 3 to 5 days, close-up photographs should be taken of each square to identify whether the squares have particles on them.

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