What Are Some Good Fertilizers for Vegetable Crops?


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Some good fertilizers for vegetable crops are manure, potash and clover. Other good fertilizers for vegetable crops are mulch and leaf mold. All vegetable crops need a combination of certain nutrients and conditioners in the soil in order to be properly fertilized.

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To properly fertilize soil for vegetable crops, make sure the soil is loose and crumbly with a slightly acidic makeup. Do a soil test to determine exactly what kind of soil is in the garden and therefore what kind of fertilizer would be best for the crops. In general, vegetable crops need a fertilizer consisting of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous.

Oftentimes, vegetable growers don't need to add synthetic fertilizer to their gardens in order for their crops to thrive, although some choose this method and it works for them. However, one concern about synthetic fertilizers is that they can leach into local bodies of water. For this reason, many gardeners choose cheap, effective and natural fertilizers for their vegetable crops, including both animal and plant waste, blood meal, compost and cottonseed meal.

One synthetic fertilizer that is good for both vegetable crops and the environment is PCH All-Purpose Fertilizer, which contains small enough amounts of synthetic fertilizing ingredients that they do not interfere with the plant's ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.

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