What Are Some Good Ecology Projects for Kids?


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Some ecology projects for kids are learning what nature recycles naturally and looking how pollution in water affects the world. To look at how pollution in water affects the food line, the child can place celery in water with food coloring. After letting the celery sit overnight, by cutting into the celery, the child can see how the color has moved up the stalk. This relates to how pollution becomes a part of food.

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In the project looking at what nature recycles, kids learn what is biodegradable. Required items are a digging tool, four flat sticks, a marker and the four items that will be buried to test biodegradability. These items are a pear or apple core, a leaf from a leafy vegetable like spinach or lettuce, a piece of plastic packaging and a piece of Styrofoam.

To do this project, the child writes the names of the four pieces of trash on the flat sticks, and then buries the pieces of trash in the backyard or schoolyard. It is a good idea to bury them in a warm spot with moist soil, as that breaks down biodegradable trash more quickly. The child then marks each hole with the labeled sticks. The child marks on the calendar the date he buried them in order to know when a month has passed, when he will go back to dig up the trash. The child examines if he has found all of the pieces of trash, what pieces were left and ultimately what kinds of trash are better for the earth.

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