What Are Some Good Earth Science Labs With Answers?


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A good Earth science lab with worksheets for students and answers for teachers is the "Ground Ozone Lab" available on the educator sharing website http://newyorkscience teacher.com. This website is designed as a "share-a-thon" where teachers can share science labs and other subject-based lesson plans with one another at no cost.

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Another website that follows the "share-a-thon" model is www.sharemylesson.com/high-school-earth-science-teaching-resources. This website further helps educators by listing searchable Earth science labs by popularity. The "Spheres of Earth" activity introduces students to the interrelationship of the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and litho/geosphere using images from space. This website does require users create a username and password to log-in for access to the materials.

It is important when searching for Earth science labs on the Internet to look for labs that are appropriate for specific grade levels and are aligned with common core standards. It is also important that students have covered the prerequisite Earth science concepts and vocabulary words prior to starting an Earth science lab.

One resource for basic Earth science review as well as how to prepare for an Earth science lab is available at http://serc.carleton.edu/earthlabs/climate_intro/classroom.html. This website has free Earth science labs with classroom materials and answers such as "Getting to know the Crysophere" designed by environmental experts with adherence to national science education standards.

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