What Are Some Good Animations of Piston Engines?


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Animated Engines contains a good animated visual representation and detailed description of the inner workings of a four-stroke engine, as well as others. NASA's website also contains a computer animated depiction of a piston engine, as well as descriptions of its individual components and a textual walkthrough of the process by which the engine powers a vehicle.

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The four-stroke internal combustion engine, also known as the Otto Cycle due to its creator, Nikolaus Otto, is one of the most commonly used automotive engines in the modern world. The engine operates on the principle of a piston completing four distinct cycles in order to turn a crankshaft.

Animated Engines' explanation of the process by which this piston engine works describes the first cycle as the intake stroke, during which the piston moves downward in order to draw in a mixture of air and vaporized fuel. The second stroke of the cycle begins when the piston moves upward to rapidly compress the mixture. The power stroke begins at the apex of the compression stroke, when the spark plug fires and ignites the compressed fuel, driving the piston downwards and powering the crankshaft. The final stage of a four-stroke engine is the exhaust stroke, in which the leftover products of the combustion are expelled through the exhaust valve.

Mekanizmalar.com also offers animations of various other engines, such as boxer engines, rotary engines, rocket engines and wobbler engines.

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