What Is a Good Anatomical Diagram of the Human Brain?


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An anatomical diagram of the human brain can be found at WebMD.com. It labels several parts of the brain such as the cerebellum, cortex and cranium. Another diagram, labeling the different lobes of the brain, can be found at MayfieldClinic.com.

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The human brain is a 3-pound organ that controls all the necessary functions of the human body, according to Mayfield Clinic. It also interprets the information it receives from the five senses and stores the information in memory. The brain is made of 100 billion nerve endings, states WebMD. It is divided into four lobes: the temporal, the parietal, the frontal and the occipital. A layer of tissue, called the meninges, surrounds the brain, and the skull encases the brain to shield it from injury.

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