What Goes Well With the Color Green?

Red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and brown all go well with the color green. Green also goes with other shades of green or shades of red, yellow, blue and brown.

Green is a secondary color, a combination of the two primary colors blue and yellow. Secondary colors always match colors that comprise them. Each subsequent combination echoes a similar one in the natural world. Hunter green and eggshell blue, for example, evoke a forest and sky or emeralds and blue topaz. Green and yellow might be foliage on a tree beginning to turn during fall.

Red and green are complimentary colors. When matching green with red, or green with yellow, orange, blue or brown, pair different shades in terms of their intensity. Light green and pink, for example, or olive green and mustard yellow. A dark green with a light accent color is also a handsome match, such as pesto green and ruby red.

Beyond complimentary colors are analogous colors, of which chartreuse (green), aquamarine, indigo, magenta, vermilion and amber are a single set. These are essentially other shades of blue, purplish-blue, red, orange and brown.

For matching green on green, such as with a belted dress or a tie and shirt, go with an accessory that is one shade lighter or darker.