What Are Glow Stick Bubbles?


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Glow stick bubbles are soap bubbles mixed with the contents of a glow stick. The glow is produced when the chemical inside the glow stick goes from a high energy state to a low energy state, releasing light in the process.

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What Are Glow Stick Bubbles?
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To make glow stick bubbles, mix water and dish soap in a bowl. Activate a non-toxic glow stick, cut one end of the tube and add it into the mix. Every glow stick added increases the glow of the solution. Glow sticks are used by campers, recreational divers, military forces and dancers. As of 2014, the largest glow stick was 8 feet 4 inches tall and was created for the opening ceremony of a holiday park. In emergency situations, glow sticks are a popular safe light source.

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