How Does Global Warming Happen?

Global warming happens when carbon levels in the atmosphere rise, trees are cut down in large quantities and the ozone layer is destroyed. Without managing these things, the Earth risks suffering from adverse effects.

Global warming is an issue of concern to many organizations and governments around the world and that is why concerted efforts have been made to curb the issue. Below are some of the ways in which global warming occurs:

  • Greenhouse effect — as energy resources are used, such as fossil fuels, to power vehicles and industrial activities, greenhouse gas emission is greatly increased. Greenhouse gases allow the sun's heat to penetrate the surface of the Earth but then trap the heat from escaping into space. This is called the greenhouse effect and over time it causes a rise in temperatures on Earth.
  • Ozone layer destruction — as gases from the industries rise into the outer atmosphere, they get deposited in a region called the ozone layer. Large amounts of these fumes cause damage to this layer allowing more heat  from the sun to penetrate.
  • Deforestation — trees are important as they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen thus reducing the amount in the atmosphere. As trees are cut down in large numbers, more carbon dioxide is left in the atmosphere leading to the greenhouse effect. Without enough trees, the amount of rainfall experienced on Earth goes down which also increases global warming.