How Do Global Warming Doubters Explain Evidence of Warming?


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Skeptics refute the evidence of global warming using a number of arguments, with one such question asking how scientists expect to be taken seriously when their theories are supported by both floods AND droughts? They wonder how the presence of record breaking blizzards can support the notion as well.

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How Do Global Warming Doubters Explain Evidence of Warming?
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There are many other questions raised by global warming skeptics as well. They claim there is no record of recent warming, and ask that if global warming science is settled, why are there discrepancies in warming patterns and reporting. Skeptics ask that if we don't know how much of recent warming is natural, how can we know how much is man-made?

Global warming detractors claim that climate models cannot appropriately hindcast and wonder how climate modelers can fail to explain the lack of a significant temperature rise over the last 30 years. They wonder why we should believe model predictions of the future, when they can not explain the past. They point out that some scientists lie about the physics used in their predictive models, hiding that the strong warming their models produce is actually based upon very uncertain "fudge factor" tuning. Some critics also ask how carbon dioxide, a chemical necessary for life on Earth and only four parts in 10,000 of our atmosphere, became re-branded as a dangerous gas.

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