What Glands Are Located in the Neck?


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One gland that's located in the neck is the thyroid gland, according to MedicineNet. This a gland that produces hormones that control the body's metabolism, including the heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. Thyroid hormones also play a part in the growth and development of children.

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What Glands Are Located in the Neck?
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The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that's found encircling the windpipe just below the voice box, claims MedicineNet. Its two "wings" are attached by a structure known as the isthmus.

The thyroid makes its hormones with iodine, states MedicineNet. Two of these hormones are thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The thyroid also produces calcitonin, which regulates the metabolism of calcium and helps it to build bones.

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