How Do You Give Plasma for Money?


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In order to earn money by donating plasma, all you need to do is find the plasma donation center nearest to you, fill out any required paperwork, and donate your plasma. Most donation centers provide compensation by loading money onto a special debit card you receive with your first plasma donation.

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Plasma is a substance in your blood that cannot be produced synthetically. Because of this, plasma donation is the only way for researchers to access plasma to test new treatments for rare and chronic diseases. When plasma is donated, it is actually separated from your blood. The blood, once deprived of plasma, is re-injected into your body.

Donated plasma is used in a variety of ways. Although many plasma donations are used in research, plasma can also be used to increase blood clotting, treat burns, increase the functionality of the immune system, fight lung and liver disease, treat rabies, and aid in organ transplants. Because of its valuable uses in medicine, donating plasma is often called "the gift of life."

Compensation is provided for those who donate to increase the amount of plasma donations occurring around the world. Payment for plasma varies according to the plasma donation center visited.

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