Where Are Geysers Located?


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Geysers are located in areas where an underground water source can heat up enough to explode through an entrance to the surface. The presence of geothermal energy and fissures in the earth near tectonic plate boundaries create the ideal locations for geysers.

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Where Are Geysers Located?
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Magma chambers are closer to the Earth's surface when they are near tectonic plate boundaries. Energy is created as the boundaries collide. The heat produced by both magma chambers and boundary collisions raises the temperature of water that filters down through the ground from rain and snow. As the water heats, it begins to rise back to the surface through vents and crevices in the rock. When the water passes through the openings, it becomes constricted, resulting in a release of pressure as a geyser when it reaches the surface. Hot springs occur when heated water returns to the surface without the build-up of pressure required to create a geyser.

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