What is geographic diversity?


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Geographic diversity is a factor used by college admissions offices to recruit applicants from locations all over the United States and the rest of the world. The admissions staff sometimes offers attractive incentives for applicants from underrepresented areas.

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"Most colleges look for geographical diversity in their applicants," writes college admissions consultant Gerald Bradshaw in his "Educated Advice Column" for the Post-Tribune, adding that "colleges usually offer larger financial aid packages for out-of-state students than they do for locals."

Roxanne Ocampo, a college admission coach in California's Central Valley, notes that "a college applicant that brings geographic diversity to the table is stacking the deck in his or her favor." She recommends that applicants "consider at least two campuses that might value the unique geographic diversity you bring, and consider campuses that may work harder to recruit you because of their location."

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