What Are Some Games About Hurricanes?


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Some games about hurricanes include Create-a-Cane, Aim a Hurricane and Stop Disasters. Each game focuses on a different aspect of hurricanes, from their creation, to their movement, to their effects on humans.

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The National Hurricane Center offers the Create-a-Cane game to help players better understand the conditions under which hurricanes form. Players must adjust parameters such as wind, moisture, latitude and sea temperature to create the most ideal circumstances for a hurricane. A score in the center of the screen helps players see how close they are to ideal conditions, and clickable hint boxes offer adjustment tips.

Also from the National Hurricane Center, Aim a Hurricane explores the different factors that control a hurricane's movement. Players manipulate winds and both high and low pressure systems to see how these different conditions change the path of a hypothetical hurricane. The game helps players understand the complexities and difficulties of predicting where a hurricane will strike.

The International Strategy for Disaster Reduction offers the game Stop Disasters, where players must strategically prepare for a hurricane scenario. Working with a fixed budget, players take steps to save as many lives as possible, constructing shelters, building barriers and evacuating citizens. The game demonstrates both the inherent difficulties in preparing for a hurricane and the factors that affect preparation.

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