How Does a Galvanic Current Work?

A galvanic current is a direct current that is constant and rectified to a voltage level that is safe and low. As the current passes through salt and acid-containing solutions, chemical changes occur. Changes also occur when the current travels through body fluids and tissues.

Galvanic currents are very popular in the beauty and anti-aging industries, and the primary function is to introduce the skin to water-soluble products through a specific process scientists call iontophoresis. There is both a positive and a negative pole with the use of a galvanic current.

The positive pole may help to close pores following a skin treatment, prevent inflammation associated with acne treatments, reduce redness and force astringent and other pH solutions into the skin. The negative pole may help to increase blood circulation to alleviate dry skin and force alkaline solutions into the skin. Ionization can also work with the use of ionto rollers, a type of special metal roller that adheres to either a positive pole or a negative pole; someone rolls them on the skin after applying a special lotion of cream. Ionization occurs due to the rolling movements, but the rolling must go very slowly to ensure it works effectively.