What Are the Functions of the Enzyme Cellulase?

The primary role of the enzyme cellulase is to split cellulose.. Cellulase is used in many places, primarily the agricultural sector. It's often used as a food additive and to produce juices and other beverages, including soda and alcohol.

Cellulase naturally occurs in plant tissues; there, it acts as a reinforcing material. It is thick and viscous in its physical composition, which makes it ideal for adding to foods and beverages to make ingredients combine and congeal and stick together. Cellulase is found in all plants and is quite abundant. In fact, it is the most widespread organic compound and is found in virtually every habitat around the world. Its abundance and ease of acquisition make cellulase an ideal additive to foods and drinks, as it is cheap and easy to extract. Cellulase, as a nutrient, falls into the category of roughage or fiber. Its binding properties make it popular among large-scale food and drink manufacturers, who use it produce fruit juice, sparkling waters, sodas, spirits and other alcoholic beverages. When combined with other enzymes, cellulase is used to produce wine; here its role is to facilitate the extraction of foreign and unwanted substances from grape skins. In lesser quantities, cellulase is added as a congealant to washing and cleaning agents.