What Is the Function of the Occipital Lobe?

The main function of the occipital lobe is to process the visual stimuli and information received from the eyes. According to About.com, this part of the brain is responsible for specific functions such as visual perception and color recognition.

About.com explains that the occipital lobe is one of the main regions of the cerebral cortex. Found within this region of the brain is the primary visual cortex, which receives visual input from the retinas and transforms these signals into images that the brain understands.

According to Education Portal, the occipital lobe is located at the back of the cerebrum and above the cerebellum. This is at the back of the head and slightly above the top of the neck. Just like the entire cerebrum, the occipital lobe is divided into right and left hemispheres.

Education Portal states that this region of the brain is protected by a part of the cranium called the occipital bone. When a person suffers a concussion in this part of the brain, he sometimes experiences blurry or distorted vision. If a person sustains more severe damage to the occipital lobe, such as brain lesions, visual hallucinations are not uncommon. The tissue damage causes the person's brain to misinterpret visual input or to perceive things that are not actually there.