What Is the Function of the Frontal Sinus?

function-frontal-sinus Credit: BSIP/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

As one of the four pairs of sinuses, the frontal sinuses serve the purpose of producing and draining mucus to the nose. They are located above the eyes on either side of the forehead area.

The frontal sinuses, along with the sphenoid sinuses, develop in the teen years. The function of the sinuses is multifold:

  • Filter and humidify the air a person breathes
  • Lighten the weight of the head
  • Protect vital organs
  • Maximize voice quality

Cedars-Sinai states that the main function of the sinuses is to produce the mucus that drains into and moisturizes the nose. The mucus itself is important, in that it helps carry pollutants like dust, dirt and microorganisms. When the draining process is hindered, inflammations or infections can result.