What Is the Function of the Ejaculatory Duct?

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the main function of the ejaculatory duct is to combine the sperm stored in the ampulla with seminal fluids and then transport them to the prostate. Healthline also states that semen flows through these ejaculatory ducts during ejaculation in order to exit the body.

According to Healthline, there are two ejaculatory ducts on each side of the prostate. These ducts are around 2 centimeters long and are formed when the vas deferens merges with the excretory duct of a seminal vesicle. Healthline explains that ejaculatory ducts travel through the prostate gland and end in the colliculus seminalis of the urethra.

Healthline describes a condition called ejaculatory duct obstruction, wherein one or both ejaculatory ducts are blocked. This health problem can be acquired either congenitally or pathologically. When there is blockage in these two ducts, the patient may experience azoospermia, aspermia or infertility. The obstruction in the ejaculatory ducts can be removed through transurethral resection, and normal ejaculation flow can be restored. Another health problem that may affect the ejaculatory ducts is benign prostatic hyperplasia, or the abnormal enlargement of the prostate. Healthline.com explains that this can be corrected through surgery, but the ducts may be damaged and result in retrograde ejaculation.