What Is the Function of the Cerebellum?

The cerebellum is the center of motor control within the brain, according to Healthline. It receives sensory information from the various sensory organs and the spinal cord and coordinates the body's movements. The cerebellum is responsible for speech, balance, coordination and posture, and it's the developmental center for learning motor coordination within the human body.

The cerebellum is located at the posterior base of the brain at the top of the spinal cord. It consists of two hemispheres, like much of the rest of the brain. When damaged, the cerebellum doesn't completely cease function, but rather malfunctions, causing impairment in fine motor activity, as opposed to paralysis, according to Healthline.

The cerebellum looks anatomically different from the rest of the brain, underneath and away from the more uniform-looking parts. Activation in the hindmost portion of the cerebellum is linked to positive emotions, primarily happiness. While primarily involved in motor activity, the cerebellum is also highly linked to the cerebral cortex, which is involved in many of the higher-level processes of the human brain.

Neurological disorders sometimes arise from damage to the cerebellum. Wikipedia explains that cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome results from damage to the cerebellum and is characterized by deficits in language, affect, spatial cognition and executive processes, indicating that the cerebellum is connected to all of these brain functions.