What Are Some Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Plant Parts Using Diagrams?


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Task students with using plant identification websites to identify plant specimens that they find or photograph. Typically, the process of identifying plants on such websites includes making choices based on diagrams, photos and other visual aids that name, describe and illustrate plant parts. Some suitable websites include GoBotany.NewEnglandWild.org, DiscoverLife.org or similar websites described at IdentifyThatPlant.com.

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For example, at GoBotany.NewEnglandWild.org, a website oriented toward teaching, students begin the plant identification process on the Simple Key page by assigning their plant specimen to one of six major categories based on descriptions and photos of plants and plant parts common to each category. After the student chooses a category, a list of subcategories displays with each, including a list of key characteristics of plants in the subcategory. Many of these characteristics are hyperlinks, and clicking on them brings up plant part diagrams. This website's Teaching page features information about other methods for teaching botany, including Go Botany Plant Quiz Cards.

Another example is DiscoverLife.org's section on identifying opuntia cacti. Students identify a particular species by making choices about a specimen's parts, such as spines, flowers, fruit, trunks, glochids and areoles based in part on visual depictions of various parts. This website features identification aids for many plant and animal families, with many of them utilizing visuals aids such as diagrams, photos or videos.

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