What Are Some Fun Things to Do in the Snow?


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Have an ice cube scavenger hunt by coloring ice cubes with food coloring and hiding them outdoors. Make a list of clues, and offer a prize to the person who completes the hunt first.

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Catch and save snowflakes using black paper and microscope slides. To catch the snowflakes, place black paper in the freezer until cold, and use the cold paper to catch snowflakes as they fall from the sky. Use a magnifying glass to view the delicate, unique structure of each snowflake. To save snowflakes, spray cold microscope slides or Plexiglas with clear lacquer on the paper's surface before catching the snowflakes. Afterwards, place the slide in a plastic container with a lid, and leave it in the snow for three to four hours to harden. The snowflakes can be viewed under a magnifying glass or used in an art project.

During and after the snowfall, use a camera to take photos of the snowy landscapes. Consider taking portraits of friends and family members in the snow, and turn the photos into gifts, ornaments or cards for the holidays. Another fun activity is sledding, which can be done in the backyard or at a local park with a good hillside.

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