What are some fun things to do in the rain?


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A rainy day can be salvaged by having puddle-jumping contests, coloring oneself with markers and washing off in the rain, holding a wet relay race, and dancing among the raindrops. Safety should always be a concern, so playing in torrential downpours or lightning storms is never a good idea.

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When it rains outside, sometimes people get more creative with what they do indoors. Having an indoor treasure hunt, relaxing in a warm bubble bath or creating a family recipe book are all activities that people stuck inside on a rainy day might enjoy. Likewise, playing board games, writing in journals, having a movie marathon or taking a nap are indoor activities that can help fill a rainy day.

Because many parts of the United States see a lot of precipitation during the course of a year, it makes sense to have a list of activities that can be performed in the rain. For example, Miami experiences rain an average of 131 days per year. Houston sees rainfall more than 100 days per year. Even places like Southern California, which typically receives less rainfall than other parts of the country, might have rain 30 to 40 days per year, meaning rainy-day activities might be needed for as many as 10 percent of the days of the year.

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